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Shrink Wrap in Baltimore, MD

At Chessie Marine, we provide complete boat shrink wrapping services that cover your boat with protective plastic film, ensuring its security during storage or transportation in Baltimore, MD, and beyond. The boat shrink wrap is a weatherproof barrier, protecting your watercraft from severe elements in Baltimore, MD, such as UV rays, snow, and rain. This preventive measure avoids corrosion and decay during periods of idleness, giving Baltimore, MD boaters a convenient way to maintain their boat's state and ease its preparation for use when required.

Keeping Your Baltimore, MD Boat Under Wraps

Boat shrink wrapping is an option for Baltimore, MD boaters when their watercraft is not in use, offering a secure covering that prevents potential theft or unauthorized access. Also, if our Baltimore, MD customers keep personal belongings in their watercraft, a boat shrink wrap ensures privacy by hiding your boat's interior from curious eyes and preserving the privacy of any stored items. Moreover, during transportation, our boat shrink wrapping services lower the risk of damage from debris, insects, and external factors. This process provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and thieves, ensuring your boat reaches its Baltimore, MD destination in perfect condition. If you want long lasting boat shrinking solutions, our dealership is ready to provide excellent services you can trust.

An Extra Layer of Protection

Our Baltimore, MD team has gained the knowledge and expertise to precisely evaluate your boat’s size, shape, and specific needs after working on various boat brands and models for several years. We apply the shrink wrap properly and reduce the risk of tears, gaps, or insufficient coverage. We also tailor our approach to fit your boat’s distinctive contours and prevent water damage or infiltration. In addition, Chessie Marine uses high quality boat shrink wrap materials and specialized equipment from Baltimore, MD, and around the world, ensuring durability, a secure fit, and optimal protection from environmental factors. Our boat shrink wrapping services in Baltimore, MD were created for boat enthusiasts just like you.

A Place that Provides Turnkey Boating Services & Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction

For over 30 years, Chessie Marine has created meaningful relationships with a great team, suppliers, and manufacturers in Baltimore to ensure our customers receive the highest quality services. We offer new and used boats for sale, catering to all watersports activities in Baltimore. Our collection includes wakeboards, wake surfs, and pontoon boats from brands such as Axis, Malibu, and StarCraft, catering to beginners, intermediate, and advanced boaters. In addition to high end watercraft, we also provide comprehensive boating services, including repair and maintenance, accessories, boat financing, and attractive trade in values for swift ownership and upgrades. Finally, we provide affordable onsite servicing for our clients with demanding schedules to ensure your boat is fully repaired and functional. For all your boating needs, turn to Chessie Marine today!

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